Our Services:

  • Project design: Whether one charging point or a number of charging points are required, EVMalta will assist from project inception. There are a few options to charge an electric vehicle in Malta starting from a stand-alone charging point to a fully networked system with a number of charging points which are centrally managed according to customers’ needs.
  • Onsite visits: The installation site/s are inspected and any potential issues are flagged to avoid problems in the implementation stage. Any regulatory bodies in Malta must be consulted, these also include Enemalta Corporation.
  • Assistance with financing options: We can assist in the preparation of documentation required by banks for the financing of any of our products. Finance for electric vehicles in Malta is offered at reduced interest rates by some of the major banks. Government or EU funding may be available for both domestic and commercial clients. We will be pleased to give you free advice on available subsidies and we will also verify whether you are eligible.
  • Installation & after sales support: Our expert installation and support team offer clients a guaranteed professional service. Our quality products are guaranteed by reliable manufacturers.
  • Electrical services: For our clients’ convenience we can also quote for professional electrical services in relation to our products.