Private customers; eMobility@home

Most of us will spend around three-quarters of an hour a day out and about in our cars.The rest of the time it will be sitting in the garage, in front of the office or in a supermarket car park.Drive an electric car and that time that can be spent charging it up.EVMalta and RWE offer you everything you need to do that; for example, the RWE eBox for at-home charging.

Good for you, good for the environment:

Whichever way you look at it, driving an electrically powered vehicle makes sense.

Compare the costs, and it quickly becomes clear that e-mobility is significantly cheaper.Plus when you fill up with green energy, your CO2 emissions are reduced to zero. There’s no nitric oxide being pumped out, no particulates and no noise. What’s more, electric cars are wonderfully quiet, a particular advantage and contributing factor to living comfort for anyone who lives in a big city.

Discover the benefits of electrically powered driving and bring electromobility to your own home.